Ping Exchange

A hybrid trading platform for virtual currencies,
tokens, commodities, and assets

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Hybrid exchange
Ping Exchange is a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a specific focus on the user-friendly, trading platform including a P2P barter trade community.
This platform allows you to trade exceptionally fast with our broker software.
You can become a part of the community and get rewarded.

Ping Exchange is the key component in the Core Token Circular Economy. It is our opinion that the most promising aspect of Ping Exchange, the underlying blockchain technologies, and the trading of cryptocurrencies are the potential for us to be able to interact across the borderless, unrestrained network of the Core Token's ecosystem.

Future and ongoing development

The Ping Exchange crypto trading platform can already list security tokens.

Once this functionality is completed, we believe, that the security token trading industries will be ready to benefit from this activation.

Ping Exchange characteristics


Ping Exchange augments liquidity by exchanging digitized FIAT assets of users in the internal procurement exchange of Core Token. The liquidity is connected and distributed with public procurement transactions.


At Ping Exchange, we understand the significance of transparency.

with contrast to other financial tools, almost all blockchains are entirely transparent and Ping Exchange aligns itself with the transparency methods of the coins and tokens supported.

Traders and investors can verify and monitor all funds as well as data anytime against all records and instructions including execution.

We subscribe to regulation and transparency which eventually will come to the crypto industry in all areas, be it trading or keeping of financial instruments.
ping devices
Ping Exchange discloses all fees and charges and maintain a policy of not adding any margins on trading transactions.


At Ping Exchange all funds are collected in wallets protected by private keys, hardware wallets and FIDO devices.

All transactions are recorded in a decentralized system.

The private keys lock funds in these wallets eliminates the possibility of getting hacked.

Autonomous smart contracts

Ping Exchange supports autonomous smart contract executions under the principles of ĐAO.

Traders are able to trade directly from their wallets with tokens deposited into an autonomous Core Token smart contract before trading commences.

This ensures that no third-party entity holds and maintains custody of the trader’s funds, thus reducing potential fraud risks.


Ping Exchange is built on the principles that everything can be digitized and fractionalized.

That includes all data, assets, products, services, commodities, natural recourses, metals, and financial instruments, collectively referred to, here at Ping Exchange, as digitized assets.

The Ping Exchange platform allows all forms of barter and trade in FIAT, crypto coins, and tokens as well as any digitized assets.

Ping Exchange is the facilitator to the Use Case platform of Core Token providing liquidity as well as seamless exchange and barter trading of all digital assets in the Core Token Circular Economy and ecosystem.


Ping Exchange trading platform WebSocket API offers full trading functionality for algorithmic and other active crypto and digital asset traders with financial protocols built for institutions and high-frequency traders.

Ping Exchange serve you also with


convert crypto, tokens, assets, commodities


trade between various markets

ĐAO trading

trade decentralized in ĐAO with Web3

cold storage
Cold storage

we protect funds with hardware devices, nothing is online


we offer for delivery metals, commodities, and any other assets purchased at our secure warehouses


Ping Exchange is compliant in all countries, where we are operating


hybrid exchange - a fast trading solution in your control

Audit & reporting

transparency and GDPR compliant


API is designed for high trading and it is free for everyone

Core Token in Ping Exchange

Ping Exchange community bonus

Core Token is the facilitator between decentralized applications and centralized applications to support all use cases and 3rd party applications and cloud platforms.

How does it work?

  • You can buy Core Token on the website
  • Once the Ping Exchange is operational you can start trade and exchange it.
  • You can start right now to pre-register yourself on
ping devices

Tokens and distribution

Ping Exchange is using Core Token for its services and you can buy it.
Meet our team
Michael Loubser

Michael Loubser

Co-founder and CEO

Ockert Loubser

Ockert Loubser

Co-founder and COO

Rasitislav Vasicka

Rastislav Vašička

Partner and CIO

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